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Sachiko Mclean Review

Reviewed: 2004-04-01
Quick site rank and complete review of Sachiko Mclean | Categories: Ethnic

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standard rank
Our Rating: 70/100

Quality of Content: 19/25

Purchase Value: 12/20

Leased/Own Content: 15/15

Update Frequency: 5/10

Content Variety: 5/10

Tour Promises/Reality: 5/5

Originality: 6/10

Navigation: 3/5

Images: yes

Live Shows / Chat: no

Streaming Video: no

Downloadable Video: yes

User Rating For SachikoMclean

User Rating: 59/100 - based on 112 votes.

Price & Payment Options

$14.99 per month - either recurring or one time charge. 3 months membership sells at $39.99 - non recurring.

Tour Promises

Exclusive pictures and videos featuring Sachiko Mclean, a pretty hot and busty asian lady.

My Opinion About SachikoMclean

So what do we have here? Sachiko is one Japanese girl with very big silicone tits, quite good looking face and awesome body. The site I am about to review, is her homepage and all you will find inside deals with her obviously. I liked one thing about this site, you can browse the members area without having to pay, so you can see exactly what is waiting for you. But don't think the site is free, once you want to view a full sized pic or a video, you will be asked for a login/password. I really liked this setup, because the site owner is not playing any tricks here, you see exactly what you get as a member.

I have to bitch about the navigation a bit, I don't like when frames are used for this purposes. Let's say you want to check out a gallery, thumbs load in a small frame on the left and when you click on one of them, the full sized pic loads in the middle frame. It's not that big problem thou, just that I don't like that :) Other than that, the pictures are really great, both in terms of quality (576*768 or 1024x768 pixels) and the way they are shot. All the pics here are strictly softcore, mostly outdoor posing stuff. In case you want, each picture is available for sale in form of a A3 print, but priced pretty high at almost $25.

In total, you will get 20 galleries which means about 1400 exclusive pictures. Videos are also available, 50 short clips to be exact. The quality of these videos is not bad, but they are way too short in my humble opinion. So basically, the main problem of this site is the small amount of content - 1400 pics and less than an hour of videos is not enough for the price they are asking, unless you are in love with Sachiko :-) The site should be updated every week, with about 100 new pictures, so it will take quite some time for it to grow to a reasonable size.

Final Verdict

SachikoMclean.Com is quite a small site, offering a low amount of content. What they have right now is in very good quality, but it's certainly not enough these days. I would recommend you to join this site ONLY if you are either a real fan of Sachiko or you fell in love with her after reading this review :)

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2004-02-16Adult Reviews75

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User Comments

2011 May 05, 18:40, ina
very sexy and busty

2008 Apr 09, 01:11, jay
i love sex

2008 Mar 17, 05:04, yeh
Stumbled on this site not realising what it was about. Man you guys are sick. No wonder you've given up trying to get with real women. They'd beat you up with the flick of a real breast. Stick with the old worn and stretched sausage eh? Pfft.

Gold Coast Guy
2007 Jan 30, 07:36, Gold Coast
Have seen Sachiko around the Gold Coast, she turns heads like no woman I have ever seen before. And Wow, she gets around in some raunchy gear too. So Richard, what is her number????
Good Luck Sachiko

2005 Dec 02, 23:47, Indonesia
Simple but nice n' artistic! Pitifully no wallpapers...

2004 Dec 28, 18:03, Gold Coast
Over 40? Like Richard says, you can see just how old Sachiko is by checking out the many free photos on her site (and in the Backstage section here). When you do, you will see just how ridiculous this assertion is. (Sachiko is possibly the only model on the net who doesn't wear any makeup apart from lipstick in her photos, so what you see is what you get!)

As for not finding 'nice locations' for the photos, there's a reason why her site is the most highly rated Asian site here (the review makes a strong point of how beautiful the settings for the photos are). Therefore, given that you can see for yourself that these two statements are false, you can make your own judgement as to how accurate the rest of what Richard says is.

I also think it's pretty clear from her FAQ and Diary that Sachiko is far too intelligent and strong-willed to be exploited by anyone. That's why she decided to start her own independent web site, instead of taking the 'easy' route of selling herself to the modelling/entertainment companies. Indeed, if Richard really did feel 'sorry' for her, he obvioulsy wouldn't be posting this sort of thing in a public forum.


P.S. When you write something about some one on the internet, don't forget that you AREN'T anonymous, and you may be exposing yourself to legal action. That would mean everyone would know who you are (and in Richard's case, by his own admission, he has to pay to get laid).

Richard Hertz
2004 Dec 24, 22:56, Sydney
I had occasion to visit the Gold Coast area of Brisbane recently. Outcall is legal in this part of Australia, as long as done by individuals (no "services"). I noticed an ad in the local paper for a Taiwanese/Japanese girl with measurements of 38/22/32, my special interest an Asian woman. I called, and was quoted $150 for full service including "full sex", and asked her to come over.

Turned out it was this same girl who has a pay website! She was perfunctory and businesslike, has a tremendous body, including really gigantic tits that she won't have touched. Likewise DATY was off the menu, and all in all very mechanical and uninteresting. Some guy (Mr. McLean no doubt) hung around this five star hotel waiting for her to turn over the cash.

I had seen her website before, and now understand the confusion expressed in the review here. Despite the great body, this broad is OLD (probably over 40) which is obvious in a few of the photos. And apparently the whole idea is her pimp boyfriend ideas, and the "photographer" of this woman. Look at the pictures closely and you'll see many of them have been taken in a low-rent junky apartment so common in this area. Doesn't even have the good sense to find a nice location.

I feel very sorry for this woman, who's clearly being just exploited. It's clear this woman has no sexual feellings whatsoever, which is why all we get on the website is her doing the dishes naked, etc.

2004 Nov 05, 11:12, indonesia
pure n no touch

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